Get Prepared

Emergency Preparedness Depends on You!

Every person who lives or works in Redmond shares responsibility for minimizing the impact of disaster on our community and the first step is to ensure you and your family are prepared.

Know Your Hazards Make a Plan Get Supplies Get Training & Practice

Know Your Hazards

Redmond can experience significant impacts from natural events including floods, storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes as well as man-made events including dam or pipeline failures and hazardous material spills. Understanding the most likely hazards in your area will allow you to prepare appropriately.<\p>

You can learn about the Redmond Hazard Mitigation Plan on the City of Redmond website.

All emergency plans for the City of Redmond can be found on the City of Redmond website here.


Make a Plan

Having a plan is another key component of preparedness for you and your family – in fact, you will probably end up with several plans depending on most hazards most likely to impact you. What do you do if something happens during the day while you are at work? What about if it’s the weekend or evening and everyone is at home? Can you stay in your house or do you need to leave?

Resources for information on creating your family emergency plan include:


Get Supplies

Once you understand your hazards and have at least a general plan, it’s important to have the supplies you need to ensure you are safe and comfortable in case of a disaster.

You can download our 14-day kit checklist here or visit the Washington State Emergency Management Division website for in information on building your kit for 14-days.


Get Training & Practice

In the case of an emergency or disaster, you won’t have time to look up how to do things so it’s important to get training before an event and then PRACTICE those skills.

  • Practice evacuating your house and knowing where to meet outside (just like schools and businesses do for fire drills)
  • Practice how you would Drop, Cover, and Hold in an earthquake
  • Arrange a time with your Out of Area Contact to practice your family communication plan

Look for information on our Learn More page for upcoming classes and times when you can find CERTs out in the community – we would be happy to answer your questions!