Redmond CERT Levels


Redmond CERT Volunteer levels are based on the levels agreed to by the CERT Eastside leadership team consisting of representatives from nine CERT programs located on the east side of Lake Washington (see for more information). The CERT Eastside baseline requirements can be added to; Redmond additions are indicated in bold text. Level requirements in other jurisdictions may vary.


There are three levels defined. They are identified by numbers with the smallest number requiring the most training. A CERT’s level will determine where they may be deployed to if needed. Note that only CERTs at a level 2 or level 1 will be called out by the City of Redmond.

Currently, deployments are called out by the City of Redmond only. CERTs at level 2 or level 1 do not self-deploy.

Redmond does not badge our CERT level 3 members.

Level requirements

A summary of the requirements by level is shown below. For more information refer to the PDF document here. Want to track your progress? Refer to the Redmond CERT level-up checklist.